Company History

I started when I was 17 years old and became an electrician working for a couple of different companies and after 5 years I realized I could do this myself I started my own company, LT Electric & Lighting, Inc. in 1982. Since then, I created LT Generators since 1986. We have been very blessed with great employees and clients.

We have worked for President Reagan and Nancy several times, King and Queen of Saudi Arabia, a lot of famous, wealthy people and stars. To us, we treat everyone like a star, with courtesy and respect!

What Our Customers Say About Us!

"Thank you for a job well done. The 17kW Guardian Backup Generator you installed last week gives a sense of security that our lives will be less disrupted by the frequent power outages that we so often have here in the Hollywood Hills.
As a general contractor, I am usually able to critique any work done for me and give my opinion on how it could be done better. However, I cannot in this case.
The work was done when you said it would be. It took as long as you said it would take. The interruptions were minimal, and the work was neat and perfect. That's a lot to say from someone like me.
Again, Thanks. Consider me a satisfied customer."

Tye R. - Hollywood Hills, CA

"Dear Lenny:

As fate would have it, not a week passed after you installed our generator, when we were informed by phone that the City of Beverly Hills was going to shut down our power for an entire day while they upgraded our power facilities.
The generator came on as advertised and kept us cool and collected while my neighbors were experiencing difficulties.
I wanted to thank you for the professional manner in which you handled the job, and the courtesy shown to by your crew."

Sincerely yours,
Robert M. - Beverly Hills, CA

"Dear Lenny,

Thank you and L.T. Generators for your amazing hard work and professionalism when installing the emergency generator at our home. You and your crew were so courteous and considerate.
We loved how they cleaned up their work areas after each days work.
We couldn't even tell there had been installation work done around the house. I have already recommended you and your company to our friends and social networking group.
All the best."

C. London - Beverly Hills, CA

"Dear Lenny:

I thought you'd appreciate my first experience with my new Generac generator. When you did the initial start-up of the generator on February 16, I thought it would be a while until I'd appreciate the convenience of a generator that powered the whole house during an electrical blackout.
At about 11:45am on March 19th, I awoke and as I walked through the house, all the familiar lights that should have been on were actually on. It's wasn't until I was able to get a view of the neighborhood that I realized that the San Fernando Valley was blacked out... (and) my initial confusion as to the source of the noise stemmed from making a potential emergency nothing more than a commercial for your services."

Judge Michael K. - Sherman Oaks, CA

"Thanks for doing the service. The power was out up here for about 4 days in Feb. We were the only places lighted up. Great stuff. The installations paid for themselves right then."

Rick & Myra H. - Hollywood Hills, CA

“Dear Lenny, (L T Electric)

I had been looking for a generator for some time. When I received your mailer I called immediately. It was very nice meeting with you and having you educate me on the right generator to meet my needs. The cost was affordable, so I decided to go with the whole house generator, which is absolutely wonderful. The power often goes out here, so I no longer have to worry about my security and food. In fact, the only way I know that the power is off is by my clocks blinking. I love my generator. As you know I sold that house with the generator, and I told the new owners how wonderful it was. I truly believe it helped close the deal. Since then, you have
installed another generator in my new home, and I love this one too.
Thanks a million for helping me feel secure."

Darla Postil — Sherwood Lake, CA

“If you like electricity this is the best investment for your home. . . end of story.
I live in Mt Olympus located in the Hollywood Hills and the power is out many times a year. It seems every time the weather is very hot, very cold, rainy, or windy the power is out.
I took mother natures abuse for too many years and now that I have a generator I still get abused by the neighbors that call as soon as the power is out (day or night) wanting to know why I have power, like I’m special or something. I am special, I have a generator from Lenny at LT Generators!
As far as Lenny goes I would highly recommend him to anyone thinking about installing a generator. He is 110% professional in his workmanship and product and I couldn't be happier unless the unit was free or I was being paid to say this :)
Thanks again for keeping me powered up, and by the way, as I write this testimonial on 10/20/2010 8:30am the power is out in my neighborhood, but not for me!”

Phil M. — Mt. Olympus, CA

"Galpin Ford contacted LT Generators to install a backup generator for our main data and communications center. They presented several options and recommended what they thought would be best for our needs.
Prior to the generator installation power we received from L.A.D.W.P. had gone down once or twice per year and caused some distress to our staff as well as our customers. But ever since the backup generator was installed by LT Generators our power problems at the data and communications center have disappeared.
The generator that was selected and installed is a natural gas powered generator. This unit automatically comes on as soon as power loss is detected The unit also automatically starts itself every Friday at 3:30 pm and runs for a short test period. LT Generators did a very nice job installing the unit for Galpin Motors and I’m sure they will provide for you the same level of professional and courteous service we have experienced."

Jim N., IT Director from Galpin Ford — North Hills, CA

We Proudly Serve the Following Areas: Los Angeles, CA 90002, USA; South Gate, CA, USA; Los Angeles, CA 90004, USA; Los Angeles, CA 90045, USA; Inglewood, CA, USA; Los Angeles, CA 90057, USA; Los Angeles, CA 90047, USA; Los Angeles, CA 90010, USA; Los Angeles, CA 90078, USA; Los Angeles, CA 90038, USA; Los Angeles, CA 90035, USA; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles, CA 90059, USA; Walnut Park, CA, USA; Los Angeles, CA 90061, USA; Los Angeles, CA 90066, USA; Los Angeles, CA 90003, USA; Los Angeles, CA 90020, USA; Los Angeles, CA 90079, USA; San Fernando, CA, USA; Los Angeles, CA 90041, USA; Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, USA; Los Angeles, CA 90049, USA; Los Angeles, CA 90028, USA; Los Angeles, CA 90094, USA; Los Angeles, CA 90042, USA; Los An

  • Generac's Only Elite Dealer in Southern California Secret Service Clearance
  • Generac's Only Elite Dealer in Southern California Secret Service Clearance
Years in Business

LT Generators has been in business for 25 years.


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"Thanks so much for my generator. We lost power last night and within seconds all of our power came back on. Thanks to our Automatic Generator, we have everything working! We feel so much more secure with our generator thanks to L.T. Electric."

Michael H. - Armand Hammer Foundation - Bel Air, CA

"Thank you very much for a great job. This generator is amazing! We've had a few blackouts since we got it, and have not had to worry about our phones lines, refrigerator, computers, and especially our security system going out. Everyone now sleeps better knowing they are protected. I appreciate the great workmanship and the immediate response, when we've had questions. And thanks again for the donation of the propane tanks as back-up fuel. Once again, thank you very much and it was a pleasure doing business with you."

Dan G. - United Cerebral Palsy - Chatsworth, CA

"It is close to a year since we purchased and had you install our Guardian QuietSource Generator. As expected from your recommendation, it has performed to the levels you have said it would. I just wanted to thank you for the extra time and effort you put into the sale and installation of the generator. From explaining everything about the generator (size, how it works, where to install) to the actual installation (showing up when promised and keeping all the areas working cleaned throughout the process. You and your personnel did a wonderful job. We typically do not write these types of letters, but this circumstance warranted it. Please feel free to give my name as a reference should the need arise. Thanks again for everything, we could not have been happier."

Todd W. - Encino, CA